Take Interest In Others

Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had. Though he was God, he did not think of equality with God as something to cling to. Instead, he gave up his divine privileges; he took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being.
Philippians 2:3-7

Sometimes it is hard for me to consider others before I consider myself. My default is to be selfish. I am all too often consumed with my wishes and forget about those around me.

For example, when I have a literary thematic essay due but my wife is hurting/has swollen ankles/or tired from being pregnant, and I need to get our first-born ready for bed. I can become really selfish in those times. It would be easier for me to rush our daughter through her routine of getting ready for bed, but that neither helps me nor speeds things up. Without fail, she will look at me with her big blue eyes and ask me to play with her and Elmo in the bath tub, read her a story, or fold laundry (yeah, she is kind of weird like that). If I try to rush through these times I only get frustrated, and I lose valuable time with my daughter. These times are crucial for our future relationship with one another, and for her development.

There are other times when I think too much about my own interests over others. When that friend or family member calls me, and I know they are going through something that will require a lengthy conversation. I see the number and cringe because if I take the call I will lose valuable time for my assignment, family time, or even Me Time! At that moment I have the option to answer the call or ignore it. I have the option to put my own interests before the person on the other line.

But Jesus taught us to care about those around us more than ourselves. It is a concept that is foreign to our culture. It is a concept foreign to the American Dream! But Jesus, who was God, did not come to earth demanding to be worshiped as such. And I cannot demand to be the god in my life either. He came humbly and sought to serve those who society cast aside. We must care about the interest of those around us, because it is by our love that they will see Jesus in our lives.

Father, thank you for your Word. Thank you for sending Jesus to live the example for us. I fail so often, I don’t know why you put up with me. But I thank you for your promise of patience. I thank you that you have not given up on me. I pray that today I would look out for the interest of others. I would make myself second and everyone around me first. I pray that I would please you in this way. Thank you for your love, thank you for those in my life. Amen.


About Mitchell Norton
My life was changed when God saw fit to forgive me of my rebellion against him. I am not worthy of a righteous God, and I am thankful that he reached out to me. My walk with the Lord has lead me to understand that loving others is just as important as loving God. I am a husband to a beautiful wife, father to an adorable daughter (and one on the way!), and servent of the Gospel. I am not perfect, but one day I will be. "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and has made the Lord his hope and confidence." - Jeremiah 17:7

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    • Thanks for the mention Justin. I am humbled to see my little blog listed among those who I enjoy reading so often. I enjoyed the theme this morning. It is important for us to remember that Jesus always put others before himself. Thanks again!

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