Did God Say?

And you thought it was an apple

Genesis 3:1-6

The first sin was the result of God’s Word being twisted and then brought into question. Satan, in the form of a serpent, approaches Eve with a question.

Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?

Eve answers by explaining that God has allowed them to eat from all of the trees except this one, and by this command God is protecting them because they will die if they eat of this tree. Satan responds by bringing God’s motives into question.

You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

This leads Eve to question what she has been told about this tree. She looks at the fruit, and it does look tasty. I doubt it was the temptation of a sweet meal that leads her to rebel against God. It is her desire to be like God. The temptation is greater than her certainty of God’s instruction, and she breaks God’s command. Then she passes it to Adam. Instead of standing up for God’s Word, he also sins. It all started with a distortion of God’s own Word followed by a lie.

So here we are. In a world of chaos. In a world that is consumed by distortions of the truth and outright lies. Sin began the same way that it continues today. It distorts the Word of God and lies to people. The distortions are turning people away from God. So called Christians meeting in their pep-rallies making each other feel better about their persecution (like the guy at Target saying Happy Holidays), while a single mother sits at home rocking a screaming, hungry baby to sleep right down the street. Guys in expensive suits on television promising financial prosperity, to the select few who will give up grocery money to feed their ministry. Or the guy driving the car with a Jesus fish bumper sticker who flipped you off after he pulled out in front of you. All around us we see the distortions and with every single one we are telling the world, “We are NO better off than you are.”
The Church is not meant to be a collection of people against the world, our purpose is not our own personal gain, and it certainly does not need to be advertised on the bumper of hatred! We are called to be the hands and feet of our Lord! We are sons and daughters of the Most High! We have been given grace, we have been given love, we have been given mercy, we have been given peace, and we have been given liberty! Let us not waste it on ourselves, but let us share it with the world that Jesus died for! We should be seeking the lost, the hurting, and the dying. We must represent our Lord and his compassion to the world!


The Enemy

The lies are all around us. They have crept into our very homes. They are on our televisions, on our radios, and on our computers. Satan is using every means necessary to place the lies in front of us and in front of the people of this world. Every single day we are bombarded with his lies. Lies that say we are no good, that there is no loving God, that if we want to be better we have to do it all ourselves. Satan wants us to doubt God and doubt ourselves. He wants us to forfeit the power Jesus gave his church. Our young men and women are being taught lies about love, lies about religion, and lies about themselves. So how do we fight this? Do we need stronger Christian representation in Washington? Do we need to force the public schools to teach our beliefs? Is it the world’s responsibility to make us more comfortable in the world?

No. It is yours. It is mine. This war is not composed of physical battles, but spiritual ones. God has not called us to change the world by the world’s means, but by His means. Individually, personally, and relational. This is why I Love YouVersion. It puts into our hands everything we need to combat Satan’s lies and distortions. God’s Word. How do we change the world? By allowing God’s Word to change us. And by being ready to answer questions when people notice the difference his Word has made. God has supplied us with everything we need in our Bibles and through his Spirit. Read it, Know it, Live it, and Share it. Don’t allow Satan to distort the truth and lie to you. Allow God to cleanse you and make you contagious.


About Mitchell Norton
My life was changed when God saw fit to forgive me of my rebellion against him. I am not worthy of a righteous God, and I am thankful that he reached out to me. My walk with the Lord has lead me to understand that loving others is just as important as loving God. I am a husband to a beautiful wife, father to an adorable daughter (and one on the way!), and servent of the Gospel. I am not perfect, but one day I will be. "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and has made the Lord his hope and confidence." - Jeremiah 17:7

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