About This Blogger and Studying The Way

Hello, and thank you for visiting Studying the Way. My name is Mitchell Norton and StW is my blog. Since you clicked the link to learn about me, I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I am in my thirties (wow, that is harder to write than I thought), I have been married to my beautiful wife for about nine years, we have two adorable daughters who are 22 months apart (yeah, sleep is still precious around here). I was raised in church and often fight off what I call “church-kid syndrome.” I became a disciple of Jesus when I was twelve. My life has been transformed by God’s glorious love for me. I could never imagine living life without acknowledging my creator or resting in the peace that He offers.

For years I have served in my church’s student ministry, but recently I have taken a break to finish my education. I am currently a student in Liberty University’s Online School. Going back to school has been a goal of mine for some time and I am very thankful for the opportunity to learn at one of the greatest private school in the US. I am studying to become a teacher. Over the years I have always known I wanted to spend more of my time reaching the next generation, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to accomplish that.

My first ministry is to my family but I love sharing Jesus with students, and teaching them about becoming a disciple of the King. Discipleship is a process and I am still learning myself. I enjoy studying my faith and any opportunity to share God’s Word with anyone willing to listen.

Studying The Way grew from a desire to use social media to share the Gospel. I hope you find Studying The Way to be an encouraging place where we can share insights and questions about scripture, the Church, current culture, and family life. Studying The Way‘s title is a reference to the early Church’s label for Christianity. They called it “The Way.” StW is about living our faith instead of practicing rituals. Christianity was never meant to become a stale religion. It has always been about an exciting lifestyle that changes the way we look at everything.

I am praying for everyone who finds there way to this little space on the internet. I hope you find something encouraging, and I pray that you allow God to speak into your life today and to lead you down the way that he has planned for you.

God Bless You,




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